Onyx the Pale

Dwarf Ranger


Albino, scarred face under eyes, nose and mouth. Wears black/grey vestments over chain mail. Red eyes.


Abandoned as a baby at the entrance to a mine near Arith. Adoptive parents named Revin and Yagrieth Stonepick. Father worked in the mine as a stone-cutter. Mother owned and worked a mushroom farm in an auxiliary tunnel with her sister in law, Arabell. Revin named the child Onyx, the irony being that he was an albino. He tends to wear a mask in public because he is scarred and disfigured from a tussle with some children in the mining camp. Because he was different, they called him a demon and beat him within a few inches of death. After he healed from the broken bones and split flesh, Onyx found each of the boys and killed them, making each look like an accident in the mine; falling, landslides, animal attack, etc.. Onyx lived fairly peaceful until a marauding band of goblins decided to attack the camp at night. Many of the people were killed, including his parents. Onyx was able to escape only because his ghostly appearance and scarred visage frightened off two of the goblins. Without his foster parents, Onyx had nothing and set out on his own. While hiking through a forest, he startled and was attacked by a large black bear. Luckily, a local ranger was out hunting and was able to save him from the ferocious beast. The ranger, Gameth Cragwalker, took him under his wing and instructed him in the martial arts. Soon after he began scouting with the grizzled ranger for the Blades of Rodvesa, a local mercenary company. Onyx was thrilled with the work, mostly because he got to kill orcs and his most hated foe; goblins. Currently works with a small squad of BoV stationed in a chapter house in Arith.

Onyx the Pale

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