Arith, The City of Iron


  • Arith is ruled by a Dwarven Price with the title being inherited by one of the Prince’s children.


  • Arith has a population of approximatly 40,000.
  • 75% are Dwarves
  • 6.25% are Gnomes
  • 6.25 % are Humans
  • 5% are halflings
  • 5% are Elves
  • 2.5% are an assortment of other races.


  • The economy of Arith is based mostly around mining as the surrounding area is incredibly rich in mineral deposits, especially iron which is where it gets its nickname from.


Arith is layed out in two parts

  • The first part is the underground section of the city, which is the original city and contains about two thirds of the whole city and contains most of the dwarven citizens
  • The second part is the outer city, which was built after Dwarves joined the Marassan Empire and contains most of the non dwarf citizens


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