The Blades of Rodvesa

Founding Members of the Mercenary Outfit


The Blades of Rodvesa was originally a group of adventurers until the group got some bad info. The cave they had been told was the lair of a tribe of goblins that had been harassing some of the villages surrounding Rodvesa ended up being the staging area for an army of goblins and hobgoblins. The group was detected and was forced to flee. The goblins however managed to catch up with the group and Tsak, Tzich, and Rayn decided to stay behind and sacrifice themselves to hold the goblins off so the others could get out. The rest of the group managed to fight their way out and back to Rodvesa and warn the officials of the impending attack. When all was said and done and the goblin invasion was put down The Blades weren’t given any credit at all, not even the three that died so the others could take word of the invasion back to Rodvesa. With the realization that they would leave no legacy from their adventuring careers they decided that they would take up the mantel of mercenaries and create a mercenary company.

They began simply by doing jobs, just the four of them, until they had the money to purchase a compound for their new company. As they built up a reputation as being both trustworthy and able to get the job done they started to get offered more jobs and as such began to recruit new people to help them do all the jobs they had. After about five years membership was about 20, including the original four, and the decision was made to expand into Arith. Ari and Ealial volunteered to manage the new branch of the merc company in Arith and brought three of the more promising recruits with them. In the four years The Blades of Rodvesa have had a presense in Arith Ari and Ealial have recruited ten more willing individuals to join their ranks.

General Information

  • The Blades of Rodvesa are one of only two or three mercenary groups in the empire not founded or run by Beast-Touched individuals.
  • Current total membership is 47 individuals

The Blades of Rodvesa

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