The Adventure Begins

The brave adventurers were hired by the merchant price Etzin Silverhammer to find out who or what had been attacking his shipments to Rodvesa. Believing that it was one of his competitors he asked them to take any deal if they were approached with an offer to deliver the shipment they were to accept it and hopefully find out who it was, otherwise they were to guard the shipment to Rodvesa and ideally deal with who or whatever it was that was seizing his shipments.

The brave adventurers left Arith with the caravan and had 3 uneventful days of travel. the evening of the third day the caravan was beset by 6 orcs, the adventurers killed them with the help of the merchants guard Estil. They marked the area where they were attacked then proceeded to escort the caravan the last three days to Rodvesa. Once there they headed back out to find out where the rest of the Orcs were at, along the way they encountered a horse thief, dealing with him in a most severe way. As the day was running out they happened upon an orc being attacked by three Atomie who once done dealing with the orc attacked the adventurers thinking that they were trying to ambush the tiny fey.

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